Website Redesigning Service

We build websites with search optimization in mind

It should be total solution, the works include the following:-

  1. Website design and development
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Product Video / Corporate Video
  4. Social Media pages optimized and boosted : Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest
  5. Business Blogging Page
  6. Your business listed and optimized on Google Map


total website service and seo writing keyword research in Singapore

Details about our Business Blogging Service

Expectation 1:  Our customers don’t read blogs

Reality: Not all of your customers read blogs, but they all use Google to find answers and information. If your blog has the information they’re looking for, they’ll find that information and discover your brand.

It’s extremely difficult to do internet research for a product or service and not end up reading several blog posts.

Expectation 2: If I build it, they will come

Reality: Waiting for blog readers to find you is a waste of time. Business blogs need a solid promotion strategy to get their content in front of their buyer personas.

Over time, yes, they will come and the real fact is you’ll grow your blog readership faster by actively promoting your content, via social media, email or link sharing.